BEL International (trading as ‘Sydney Luxury Cruise) is the owner operator of the charter vessels '‘BEL” and ''Ghost''



A tentative booking will be held for 1 week only/conditions apply. Upon written confirmation from the Charterer a

deposit invoice will be issued (standardly calculated on 50% of the vessel hire cost).

New Year’s Eve charters require a $5000 deposit on confirmation for BEL.

Where a Charter Broker is involved in any Charter transaction the Broker is legally obligated to deposit any and all

funds for a Charter, minus their agreed commissions, upon receipt from their client.

Deposits can be paid by EFT or Visa/ MasterCard.

Note there is a 3% fee for credit cards.

If the deposit is not received within 2 days of written confirmation, ‘Sydney Luxury Cruise’ reserves

the right to cancel the booking.

Where less than 7 days notice is given full payment is required to confirm charter.


The balance of the event account is due 3 business working days prior to the charter date.

Additional charges including consumption bar or time extensions and must be paid on the day of the charter. (These can be paid by EFT, Visa or MasterCard.)

New Year’s Eve charters require a specific deposit plan to be organized with management and if charters are

cancelled Sydney Luxury Cruise will keep the initial deposit until a replacement booking is made and then a

refund will be offered.

Note: There is a 3% fee for credit cards.


For any time extensions the per hour vessel hire charge


· More than 60 days prior: Deposit will be refunded less a $100 management fee (non commissionable).

· Between 60-14 days prior: Loss of 50% deposit.

· Less than 14 days prior: Loss of deposit– consideration will be given to food, staff and boat costs incurred

due to cancellation.

· Sydney Luxury Cruise will always work with the client so loss of deposit is the last option. (Conditions Apply)

In the case that either of the vessels is not available for a pre-organized event due to a system failure, ‘Sydney

Luxury Cruise Management reserves the right to assign another Vessel of equal size and quality for the

organized event at their own discretion.


We reserve the right to check all footwear worn on board, No sharp heels are to be worn aboard either vessel.The

vessels crew will determine appropriate footwear.


To ensure our maximum efficiency, final numbers must be confirmed with ‘Sydney Harbour yacht Charter’ no less

than five working days prior to the event. This will be regarded as the minimum number for catering and charging.

Numbers can only increase after this time.


Please refer to the General Manager for this charge and conditions.


Please see appendage.*I hereby assign full release of all images (including visual, audio-visual) or sounds taken by me

either on video or any other medium (“the images”) to BEL International its related bodies corporate (as defined by s.50 Corporations Act 2000) and/or nominated parties, together with the right of reproduction either wholly or in part pursuant to the Copyright Act 1968 (Ct.) for a period of three years.

I agree that BEL International or any party authorized by or acting on behalf of BEL international

may use the images separately or together, wholly or in part or an edited version of the images, in any way and in any

medium such usage to include promotional and exhibition use and specifically for articles, posters, billboard,

television, internet/intranet, radio, trade shows as required or any other advertising medium used by BEL International


Credit Card deposits are required for all Consumption Bars for Charters


“Sydney Harbour Yacht Charter” vessel hire rates are per our published season rates list. High season is November to

January inclusive


‘Sydney Harbour Yacht Charter’ reserves the right to take any steps deemed necessary to ensure the safety and

security of guests and their vessels. This may include baggage checks. If firearms are to be carried on board they must

be declared.


A Good and Services Tax (GST) is inclusive to all items quoted by ‘Sydney Luxury Cruise


The Charterer assumes the responsibility for any and all damage or loss of merchandise left aboard ‘MV BEL’

during a Charter. It is the Charterer’s responsibility to ensure that all guests are aware of the risks involved

in leaving personal items unattended. Guests should arrange their own insurance. The Charterer also assumes

responsibility for any and all damage caused by him/her or any of his/her guests, invitees or other persons attending

the Charter.


Guests who choose to swim from the back or any part of ‘MV BEL’ do so at their own risk. ‘Sydney LuxuryCruise” is not responsible for injuries by any guests attending any event in relation to water sports

from the back or any part of ‘MV BEL.


No items are to be attached, pinned, nailed, screwed, stapled or glued to the wall, door or any other surfaces of the

Vessel without prior authorization from management. The use of ‘blue tac’ is permitted only with the prior approval

from management. Any damage to ‘MV BEL’ and its property will be charged to the Charterer.


As the licensee, the management of ‘Sydney Luxury Cruise’ is bound by the NSW Liquor Act 1982 and must

abide by the guidelines for the responsible serving of alcohol. Please note that it is an offence for individuals to carry

liquor from the vessel on disembarkation. Indecent behavior on a licensed vessel is strictly prohibited under the NSW

Liquor Act. The decision to terminate the cruise due to Offensive or drunken behavior will be at the discretion of the



The course to be undertaken during the Charter may be agreed to in advance with the Ship’s Master/management.

The Charterer acknowledges the Master has the sole discretion at all times to take whatever action necessary to

maintain the safety and welfare of the vessel, its passengers and crew.

Guests are given a maximum 15 minute window in which to disembark the vessel after a cruise due to Local authority

regulations– time in excess of this is charged at a pro-rata hourly rate.


The Charterer is at all times responsible for the conduct of the Charter group.


The Charterer takes the responsibility for any and all damage to the vessel or its equipment or fittings caused by any

member of the Charter group.


It is a condition of the Charter agreement that the liability of the Operator, its servants, agents and sub-contractors is

agreed to be limited in accordance with the Limitation of Liabilities and Maritime Claims Act 1989 (Cth).


The Charterer agrees to indemnify and hold harmless ‘Sydney Luxury Cruise’, its agents and employees, from

and against any and all losses, claims, actions, costs, expenses, fees, damages, fines and liabilities (including

reasonable legal fees) caused by any negligent act or omission by ‘Sydney Luxury Cruise’ or members of the

Charterer’s group. The Operator is not liable for any death, loss, damage or injury to any person or property which

occurs and is attributable to or associated with:

(i) Failure to follow any reasonable direction given by the master or crew;

(ii) Failure to comply with any of these terms or conditions;

(iii) Failure to comply with any warning sign;

(iv) Unreasonable or unsafe behavior;

(v) Willful misuse of the equipment or facilities of the vessel;

(vi) Intoxication or the use of prohibited drugs.


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