Best Photo Locations on the Harbour


Our All-time Favourite Sydney Harbour Photo Backgrounds

Photographers know that a great background can make a good photo a knock-out and Sydney Harbour is awash with brilliant backgrounds. The Harbour Bridge. The Opera House. Luna Park. These have featured in countless magazines and in private photo albums for years.

But the harbour also has hidden charms. Secret beaches that even the most location-savvy of avid Sydneysiders have not discovered. Islands that invite closer inspection and offer breath-taking photographic backgrounds – whether on a modelling shoot, for a wedding, or simply sightseeing.

Bring your camera of choice and the people you need for your photo shoot and jump aboard the MV Bel. We’ll take you to our all-time favourite locations, where you can click away to your heart’s content.

Sydney harbour bridge

Nothing says Sydney more than the Harbour Bridge. It's unique and instantly recognisable around the world. As a background it's hard to beat - and that goes for any time of the day or night.

We can take you as far off or as up close as you need for your special shot – and that includes finding the best location for the angles you want.
Whatever time suits you for lighting too, whether it’s dawn, with the sun shining on the curves and angles, midday with the water sparkling, sunset with new patterns to play with, or at night, with car headlights streaming into the dark sky.

The Coat Hanger and the MV BEl

Sydney Opera House

As one of the twentieth century's most famous and distinctive buildings, the Sydney Opera House on Bennelong Point provides photographers with a mind-bending array of angles and views to use as a background. From the front, the sails soar with majestic architectural strength. From the side, they soften and reflect the sun all through the day and the softer colours of sunset heading into the night. Whatever the angle, distance, or time of day, we can take you there. Right up close or much further away, you'll get the best shots available because there's nothing in the way but water.

The opera house from the water

Luna Park

Luna Park is definitely a fun background. From a distance, the face with its rolling eyes, arched eyebrows, red mouth and huge white teeth oozes character. Flanked on either side by deco-style towers, the face of Luna Park sits in front of a stretch of metal and glass office buildings, which makes it all the more arresting. But it’s at night that Luna Park comes alive. It sparkles everywhere, from the headdress atop that garish, grinning face to its towers and lights from the rides and the Ferris wheel. Whether you want a distance shot highlighting the juxtaposition of the towering office buildings with Luna Park, or want to get right up close to capture special features, the MV BEL can transport you there so you can click that perfect pic.

Luna Park in Sydney From the Harbour

Clark Island

Beautiful Clark Island is a green oasis with stunning views of the Sydney skyline, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. If you want photographs that capture distant views framed by lush green foliage, Clark Island is a must. The island is less than a hectare in size, so it’s easy for us to sail around until you find the perfect location. Disembark via the little jetty and wander the charming pathways with picture perfect views at every turn.

Shark Island

Lush Shark Island is close to Rose Bay. With wonderful 360 degree views and a beautiful gazebo, it is perfect for a modelling or wedding photoshoot. Like Clark Island, Shark Island has distant views of the Sydney skyline. The coastline has some great rock formations and little sandy beaches that offer many photographic possibilities.

Chowder Bay

One of Sydney’s hidden gems, Chowder Bay in Mosman, is full of charm and character. Historic buildings rise above an old jetty, and the beach stretches in an arc, protected by sloping bushland behind. Boats dot the water and those lucky few who have discovered this paradise swim and sunbathe. Chowder Bay has everything you could want for your photographic backgrounds; pristine blue water, sandy beach, lush green bushland, historic buildings and half-hidden residences dotted up a hillside. Make the most of Chowder Bay for your photoshoot.

View from a bay near Chowder Bay

Taronga Park Beach

Accessible only by water, this is a beachcomber’s – and a photographer’s – paradise. The jetty brings you ashore to white sands and thick vegetation – but stay aboard while we take you to the beaches around Tooronga Park. Whiting Beach on one side, Athol Bay on the other, both with spectacular city views. When you want privacy and wide range of photo opportunities, these are a must.

So when you want a host of different perspectives for your special photoshoot, come onboard the MV BEL and share some – or all – of our favourite background locations.

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